Wellspring Adviser's holistic approach to our startup practice involves providing valuable advice to clients on the timing and nature of the corporate form, addressing founder equity issues relating to vesting, core team dynamics and capital structure, counseling on corporate governance issues such as board selection and structure and executive compensation, and assisting the founding team with business development. Here is a sample of what we help our clients with:

Structuring and Formation

    • Incorporation in California, Delaware, and other jurisdictions
    • Alternative corporate forms: C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, partnerships, joint-ventures
    • Corporate Flip Transactions
    • Bylaws, operating, partnership agreements
    • Articles and certificates of incorporation


    Corporate Governance

    • officer/director duties and liabilities
    • board structure and operations
    • charter and by-law provisions
    • executive employment and consultancy agreements
    • executive compensation and indemnification
    Shareholder Matters
    • Capital structure
    • Option pools and plans
    • Stock purchase, subscription, warrant, option agreements


    Business Development

    • Guidance on business plans, key hires, capital raising activities
    • Introductions to network of investors and customers